Carbon Budget Initiative on March 29

Climate action cannot rest, and no government should sit back and be comfortable that they’ve done everything possible. With that in mind, in the summer of 2022, I brought a motion to Central Saanich Council that called on the CRD to provide member municipalities with their remaining

carbon budgets (see the resolution). This was passed by Central Saanich Council and was sent to the CRD

My previous experience with CRD staff regarding this topic was terrible and shook my confidence in the CRD. 

Nevertheless, this most recent effort and submission to the CRD could not be igno-

red this time since it came directly from Central Saanich Council to the CRD. After drawn-out staff analysis, the resolution made its way to the CRD Environment Committee in February, only to be postponed to March 29th at 9:30 am. Consider offering support by sending a letter addressed to the CRD Environmental Services Committee Chairperson, Mayor Barb Desjardins ([email protected]). 


CRD Staff's recommendation highlighted above (February 2023)

Feb, 2023 Agenda:

Also, please see the updated document put together by a friend, colleague and fellow councillor, Ann Baird, from the District of Highlands. (See article from 2020)

UPDATE below

Ann Baird wanted me to know that “there are many ways to calculate carbon budgets.” She says that her method is simple yet grounded in climate science and can be contrasted with the conventional method of calculation that local governments use. She characterizes her method as top-down, from the best science, and includes all GHGs. In contrast, the conventional approach is bottom-up from rich municipal governments already using more than their share AND only counting half the GHGs. 

For me, the key is less about which method is perfect and more about helping people conceptualize and evaluate limits. Without this, we will continue political rhetoric and gaming of the process because people do not understand how to evaluate actions against any specific targets.

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  • Sue Stroud
    commented 2023-03-13 09:45:07 -0700
    Good work, shared on FB & twitter.
  • Zeb King
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