September 22, 2022
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Councillor Zeb King officially launched his campaign for a sixth term on Central Saanich Council with an outdoor end-of-summer social event suitable for all ages and abilities on Saturday, September 17th. 

King gets a bit emotional about the world these days and feels immense pride in Central Saanich with its generous, kind and cooperative spirit emanating from events like Music in the Park, the Saanich Fair and the work of volunteers at Newman Farm.   

King credits his grandmother who ran for Central Saanich Council in 1979 with his sense of service. “Grandma, whom I called ‘grandma morning’, worked with others to establish the well-loved Central Saanich Seniors Centre which has been an important part of the community for decades.” Through a council motion, King has recently secured grant funding that will help Central Saanich explore ways of becoming an age-friendly community by engaging with seniors and other community members. 

As many will know, climate change has long been a top priority for Zeb King who notes that we are fast approaching the target dates set in our Climate Leadership Plan. King will continue to be the voice that pushes the municipality to invest in climate action, redoubling efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and adapt to future heatwaves, flooding and other severe climactic conditions. 

King offers the following commitments for the upcoming term, but always with a keen interest in meeting with the community to discuss yet more initiatives;  

  • Protecting farmland by maintaining the Urban Containment Boundary to prevent urban sprawl while enhancing food security 
  • Leading an age-friendly community strategy that benefits seniors, young families and youth
  • Encouraging citizen involvement and continuing to build relationships with First Nations
  • Protecting the environment through a bold climate action plan, enhancing transportation options and restoring streams and natural areas
  • Keeping taxes low and reducing costs while saving for infrastructure replacements

“Whether it is a sidewalk down Stelly’s or bold action on climate change, I’ve learned that it often takes many terms to get things done, but I offer a relentless effort to get us there and eventually, together, we will arrive.”  

King holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from the University of Victoria and is currently a doctoral candidate at Royal Roads University. King worked for 13 years at the Ministry of Health in Health Human Resources with the Allied Health file. As a Councillor, he has recently been appointed to the Victoria Family Court and Youth Justice Committee and has served as the Liaison to the Central Saanich Seniors Citizens’ Association, a Trustee of the Greater Victoria Public Library, a Director of both the Regional Water Supply Commission and the Peninsula Wastewater Commission, a member of the Capital Regional District (CRD) Climate Action Program Working Group and Liaison to the Agriculture Advisory Committee.

For further information visit or call 250 508 4645.

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Elaine Gallagher, Official Agent 

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  • Sue Stroud
    commented 2022-12-16 10:49:05 -0800
    100% agree Franky, Central Saanich moves forward on issues that would be lost without his thoughtful motions.
  • Franky B.
    commented 2022-12-16 07:23:35 -0800
    I’ve seen Zeb do nothing but incredible things to help the communities in Saanich become better. Tireless is indeed a great work to describe the efforts I’ve seen here. You have my support! #saanich #victoria #canada #zebking #vote

    Kind regards,
    Franky B.
    Central Saanich, Victoria BC
    Wee Window Cleaning
    (250) 800-3664
  • Sue Stroud
    commented 2022-09-22 13:31:51 -0700
    Tireless is exactly the right word to describe Councillor King. He’s also able to get people to work together by helping them see they have common goals.
  • Zeb King
    published this page in Background Information 2022-09-22 13:06:42 -0700