International Women's Day 2023

On this International Women's Day, I wish to honour the amazing women in my life. There is a type of leadership that is a 'selfless pillar of strength,' which too often goes unrecognized, but it is often demonstrated by women in my life.

I hear my grandmother's wisdom and advice even today, years after she passed away. My mom is full of life and is like a best friend. She probably doesn't know how much she has inspired and instilled confidence in me over the years, but she should know it (I love you, mom).

Now I know what it is like to have someone so integrated into your life that it is like an organ or a limb of your body. That is how I feel with my wife. She works so hard for people and cares so deeply that it sometimes hurts. I am so grateful for having met and lived together, and I welcome every day we have together. There is nothing like making my wife smile or laugh… I love it.

Thank you to all the women who've helped me and others grow; you make strong communities every day. I understand that often, the only way to return these women's kindness, guidance and leadership is to 'pay it forward,' which is what I'll do.



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