In the beginning... all was lawn

We bought our place in 2009 

It was an uninviting yard that was simply overgrown and mostly all grass.



We turned over grass and built raised beds and gradually expanded to include more and more while doing away with useless lawn. The war against the lawn took years. Toward the end of the "building stage," these images show some covered beds which work really well for keeping pests away and for winter gardening



Production Stage

Early years of production. We started learning about companion planting. This photo shows our first radishes with carrots and peas


An orchard à la cordon

By the winter of 2012 we were ready for an orchard of apple trees. Here we see 20 of our 33 apple trees grown around the perimeter on a 45-degree angle -- cordon style


Cordon style apples save space compared with large trees. Our trees are the smallest size - M6 dwarf. We have 29 different types of apples on our lot.


Why compost? Soil is critically important for a good garden. With our various types of composters (digesters) we can even compost meat, bones and chicken eggs which normally people avoid composting. Our compost fertilizes the soil in a way that gradually releases nutrients rather than quick chemical fertilizer. The Compost Education Centre has a lot more information to share, including a Compost Hotline – 250-386-WORM (9676).


Oh, and our chickens are part of the project... natural little composters that produce fresh eggs every day.

Harvest Stage


"Food security"[1] starts at home... Our little food-producing project is fun, healthy and nutritious. We spend way more time in the yard than we would if we only grew a lawn.



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[1] Food security is all about how accessible food is.